William Ward

Early 40s, an educated black man, orphaned in a car crash and raised by his grandparents. William is now the Marketing Coordinator of a Home Health Care Agency. He’s a down to earth Man of God, a loving husband to Cynthia and father to his two sweet peas Parker (8) and Rayne (6). But no matter how much he loves Cynthia their marriage has gone cold and he is missing out on the love that he needs.

Cynthia Ward

Early 40s, a daddy’s girl, married to William and love God. She volunteers at the church as needed, holds a bachelors in accounting, however her focus is on building her daughters clothing line “Parker and Rayne”. Cynthia is a beautiful woman and on top of all her achievements and success she is a devoted full-time mom

Tracy McCall

Early 40s, Cynthia’s best friend since junior high school. A fulltime high school counselor, happily married to her sweetheart (Nick), they are the founders of a Christian marriage ministry and have one sassy, sweet and brutally honest 7-year-old daughter Nadia.

Nick McCall

Early 40s, William’s college roommate, very comical, a high school football coach. Tracy and Nick are an absolutely dynamic and modern couple, they met in college in the midst of Nick being fresh out of a relationship. They introduced William and Cynthia so they are bound in friendship, love and responsibility to them.

Nick McCall Jr.

17 years old, the son of Nick McCall but Tracy McCall’s stepson. He’s a senior in high school, a star football player and lives between his mom and dad’s house. Even though he was born from a previous relationship, Tracy vow to make him part of the family and contribute to raising him right.

April Love

Late 20s – Early 30s, very attractive young lady with a nice figure that had a pretty unstable upbringing. During childhood, she bounced from one foster home to another. Despite all that she has climbed the corporate ladder from CNA to Healthcare Marketing Administrator, her dating life is in shambles but she is determined to find love and happiness by any means necessary.


Late 20s – Early 30s, April’s roommate, April and Melanie met in elementary school and developed a close bond. She is very sweet, and has been by April’s side through many challenging moments. She is very protective and caring of April and it hurts her to have to pick up the pieces every single time.

Grace Kegel

Early 60s, a very wealthy woman, owner of a very successful healthcare agency. She has been ill for the past 3 years and bedridden for the past year. She has two daughters and is divorced due to an affair in her younger years.

Natalie Kegel

Late 30s, oldest daughter to Grace Kegel, very snobbish and very engrossed in her career as the account executive at her mom’s company, making time for nothing and no one. She’s not too fond of her mother because she blames their divorce on Grace’s affair and will seething resent her forever.

Naomi Kegel

Late 20s, youngest daughter to Grace Kegel, she is sweet, sassy, carefree and wild. She is a social media work out influencer. She loves both her sister and her mom and strives to encourage her sister to have a heart to forgive their ill mom.

Joaquin Brooks (Wa’Keen)

Early – Mid 30s, landscaper, very handsome, muscular black male, very charming and respectful. Raised by a single mom, but had a few positive male role models from the church. He’s a very hard worker that runs his own small landscaping business Grace is his main client, he is around the house so much that he is practically family.

Clarence Watson

Early 60s, Cynthia’s dad, retired aeronautical engineer, very intellectual, down to earth, handsome, yet firm gentleman. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Deeply in love and very flirtatious with his wife of over 30 years.

Caroline Watson

Early 60s, Cynthia’s mom, a very elegant and prestigious woman, a retired superintendent that had to overcome many hurdles. She is actively involved in her church and faithfully volunteers at different events throughout the community.

Charlie Watson

Late 20s – Early 30s, Cynthia’s sister, her and Cynthia are night and day. She is also a daddy’s girl, just can’t seem to get her life in order. She lives off of her parents bouncing from one opportunity to the next, currently she’s an MUA (Makeup Artist) and sales hair and lash extensions. She loves hanging out and partying.

Youth Praise Team

A mixture of boys and girls between the ages of 18 – 24