Marriage Works, if, You Work It

This groundbreaking play delves into the fictional relationship of a Christian couple, Stan and Kelly Stevenson. After beginning their life together on the same path of drugs and deceit, Kelly turns her eyes to God – but loses sight of her earthbound love, as her relationship crumbles around her.

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Keyona Bledsoe

as Kelly

Freddie Cole Jr.

as Stan

Michaela West

as Candace

Kanisha Gross

as Ebony

Tamika Foggie-Wafford

as Julie

Tabatha Sinkfield

as Tausha

Moi Burns

as Renee

Nedra Anderson

as Susan

Titus Reed

as Scott

Kenneth Hamilton

as Steve

Julius Young

as Henry

Stanley Prince

as Gary

Tamara Glenn

as Minister Nordon

Dee Marie

as Radio Broadcaster

Written by Kyria M Williams

Produced by LeConte Trey Williams 

Directed by Kennetha Paris

Genre: Faith-based Comedy; Rated PG for Portrayal of Alcohol and Drug Paraphernalia