The Wake Up Call Movie

Stacy is a young lady who was born and raised in church, and greatly involved today while living a double life.  Frank, her boyfriend, is from the streets. Stacy spends most of her Sunday mornings praying for Frank to attend church services with her.  God answers Stacy prayers and Frank begin to attend church, but he does not leave the same way he came. Could Frank’s conversion mean that Stacy has to get her life in order as well?  Be careful what you pray for because God just might give it to you!


Alex Jay
Cee Renee
Cee Sharp
Donald Britton Douglas
Freddie Cole Jr
Julius M Young Jr
Ketra L. Sims
Kim Harvey
Sis Loocy
Tamika Mayae
Tanya La'Vette Harvey- Woods
Titius A Reed